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Mining Sunrise is already ongoing

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Please disregard the countdown timer above as MainNet launch is still TBD

More info about mining sunrise -

VeriBLock will reset TestNet in 12 days, on Wednesday, July 11 at 10am EST. This will start a "Mining Sunrise" period that will last until the official MainNet launch.

1. During this "Mining Sunrise" period - from the TestNet reset and until MainNet launch - the address and balance for any non-zero balance on TestNet will be carried over to MainNet. This will work for NodeCore version 0.2 and greater (current release is 0.1.7 - so when 0.2 is released on July 12 you'll want to upgrade to that). Therefore mining will be essentially live on TestNet during this period, and after this period Mining will be live on MainNet.

2. To engage our community, we will start a bounty program, with rewards given in VBK coins. Details of the bounty program will be released shortly.

3. A UI wallet will be released.

The purpose of this reset and honoring mining and bounties is to further engage the community before the final MainNet launch. Therefore to include CPU miners, the GPU miner will still be throttled.

Initially GPU mining will be throttled, however we encourage CPU miners to seek a pool. At some point in the near future, an unthrottled GPU miner will be released.

MainNet will be launched some weeks after the TestNet reset. Like other blockchains, MainNet will run side-by-side with TestNet. Addresses and balances will be transfered from TestNet to MainNet, TestNet will be reset and relegated to purely a TestNet network. This will end the "Mining Sunrise" period.

At MainNet code will be open-sourced.

Get your miners and wallets ready!

Thank you, Justin and Max